1915 Lincoln Cent Struck on 75/25 Cu-Ni Planchet PCGS XF 45 Unique. Provided by U.S. Mint error coin dealer Michael S. Byers of Byers Numismatic Corp

This is the only authenticated and certified Lincoln Cent off-metal prior to 1919. It was recently featured in a front page Coin World article and described as a possible Mint Experiment Test Piece. This was struck on a full-size planchet of Nickel composition. Pollock lists as #2028, “Nickel. Plain edge. Unique? Listed in Judd as being a Mint Error.”

S&N Labs analyzed this unique off-metal for elemental composition using scanning electron microscopy with energy-dispersive x-ray spectrometry (SEM-EDX). The composition was a copper-nickel alloy.

This is the same alloy that was used to strike the Buffalo Nickels during this time period. To view a unique 1920 Buffalo Nickel struck on a full-size copper planchet, authenticated and certified by NGC, click here.

This unique 1915 Lincoln Cent is on a full-size planchet as the rims are full and sharp. If it was struck on a foreign planchet, there would be weakness in the rims.

Provided by Michael Byers of Byers Numismatic Corp. (byersnc.com)