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King of Siam
Cent on Nickel
1944 Steel Cent
1876-CC 20-cent
1804 Silver Dollar
1794 Bust Dollar
1913 Liberty Head
Eagle Collection
Saint-Gaudens UHR
Hunley Coin
ICG Double Eagle
Martha Washington
Sacagewea Error
Sacagawea SBA error
1933 Double Eagle
Copper Buffalo Nickel

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Famous Cointm Exhibit and Gallery

More than 100 coins set auction records in the Bowers and Merena official auction of the 2006 Denver ANA convention including this 1911-D Indian Head gold $5 Half Eagle, graded PCGS MS-65, that brought $241,500.   

East Coast collector has purchased a Class III 1804 U.S. dollar for $2,475,000 in a private treaty sale announced by Heritage Auction Galleries of Dallas, Texas  

Incredible Early Texas Coin to be Offered at Auction 

Excessively Rare Cent/Dime: Lincoln Mule with Roosevelt reverse 

Third finest known 1803 Large Stars Reverse with 13 Stars, Bass Dannruther 1E variety 

Exquisite Ultra-Cameo $1 1896 Proof Morgan Silver Dollar 

Mint State 1871-CC Dime to be Offered by Heritage 

PCGS Will Exhibit Top $10 Indian Set Registry(sm) Collection at Long Beach

Gem example 1796 No Stars quarter eagle, graded MS-65 (PCGS sold at public auction for $1,380,000!

One of the four known examples of the 1879 Quintuple Stella/Metric Double Eagle gold coins will be publicly exhibited for the first time in Northern California  

A $10 million exhibit featuring some of the finest known Type I “No Motto” Double Eagles  will be displayed during the September Long Beach Coin, Stamp & Collectibles Expo.

PCGS Adds Pattern Coins To Set RegistrySM, Finest Known Patterns On Display At ANA Show

Captiva Collection’s Proof Buffalo Nickels Dazzles Bidders in Bowers and Merena’s August 2005 Baltimore Auction

Extremely Rare 1854-S $2.50 Consigned to ANR at ANA Rarity Descends in California Family; Walks in to San Francisco Show 

ANR To Offer Finest Known 1793 Strawberry Leaf Cent  Only 4 Specimens Exist  

United States silver dollars: the spectacular Mint State example of 1794, the finest graded by NGC, and one of precious few Mint State examples of this highly prized first year of issue. 

Complete 1865 Proof Set - 1c though $20 Only Set Known - Civil War Era American History  

Finest Known 1913 Liberty Nickel To Be Displayed By Ed Lee and PCGS

The finest known 1845 Seated Dime 

1894 S Barber Dime With a Mintage of 24  

1794 Bust Dollar, perhaps the first struck by the US Mint.

First Major Auction of S.S. Republic Coins In Bowers and Merena’s ANA National Money Show™ Sale

The top three complete collections of Barber half dollars

Exhibit: Panama Pacific Fifty Dollar Gold in MS 65 from PCGS 

The Legend of the 1876-CC
20-cent Piece 

King of Siam Proof Set Exhibit

Saint-Gaudens Personal Ultra High Relief Double Eagle at Santa Clara Coin Show

Heritage Reports Discovery -- Earliest Die State 1914/3 Buffalo Nickel

The King of Southern Gold Coins - a tiny, 1849-C Open Wreath gold dollar 

Historic first silver dollar of the Americas confirmed after 464 years

Copper Buffalo Nickel

United States Government To Sell The Famed 1933 Double Eagle

Hunley Coin - from the sunken ship

Paquet ICG Double Eagle

Louis E. Eliasberg Sr. Specimen 1913 Liberty Head

Eagle Numismatics Proudly Presents The Eagle Collection - A One-of-a-kind Collection of $20 Double Eagles!

Martha Washington Pattern

Sacagawea SBA error

Unique 1915 Lincoln Cent Struck on 75-25 Cu-Ni Planchet

Finest Known 1944 Steel Cent graded by ICG 

ICG is chosen to grade Parmelee-Reed Specimen of the 1804 Silver Dollar -Original (Class I) 


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