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2002 Olympic Winter Games Commemorative Coins

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The Tribute

The world's greatest athletes gather every four years to test their skills and determination. They have trained for a lifetime; untold hours of struggle, pain, frustration and disappointment endured for the hope of one glorious moment. The Olympics have never been about sport alone; they are a showcase for the greatest qualities of the human spirit - courage, sacrifice, perseverance and determination. The Olympics tell the story of the dignity of mankind.

In February of 2002 the world will gather in Salt Lake City to celebrate the power of the human spirit - the forum, the Olympic Winter Games. For seventeen days the world will once again be united in heart-stopping competition and joyous celebration. Stories of hope, optimism and inspiration will be etched into the hearts of men and women and history books.

The Olympics and the human spirit they exhibit, inspire every man, woman and child to strive for greatness. They "Light the Fire Within" us all. It is these great traits that once kindled, spread throughout the world creating a better place for all humanity.

As a testament to the courage of the human spirit, and as a world symbol of peace, the message of the Olympics endures. The Olympic Winter Games of 2002 will continue this legacy.

About the Coins Authorized by Congress under Public Law 106-435 the U.S. Mint will issue two commemorative coins to support the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each coin -- $35 for gold and $10 for silver-- is authorized to help support the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games.

The gold five-dollar is the design of U.S. Mint sculptor/engraver Donna Weaver. The obverse of this coin features the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games Crystal Emblem superimposed on top of the Games' secondary identity mark entitled: "Rhythm of the Land." The reverse portrays the Olympic flame in relief atop a cauldron.

The silver dollar obverse is the design of U.S. Mint sculptor/engraver John Mercanti. It features the Crystal Emblem of the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, Olympic Rings, and the Games' secondary identity mark entitled: "Rhythm of the Land." The designer of the reverse is U.S. Mint sculptor/engraver Donna Weaver and portrays Salt Lake City skyline with the Rocky Mountains in the background.

Metal composition of the coins is as follows

Gold five-dollar; 90% gold and 10% alloy, diameter is 0.850 (±0.003) inch or 21.59 (±0.08) mm and the weight is 8.359 (±0.42) grams.

Silver one-dollar; 90% silver and 10% alloy, diameter is 1.500 (±0.003) inches or 38.10 (±0.08) mm and the weight is 26.730 (±0.400) grams. These coins may be ordered in both proof and uncirculated condition and with various packaging options at different prices. An official Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each option.

Coin Information Provided Courtesy The United States Mint.


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