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U.S. Botanic Garden Commemorative Silver Dollar Coin Guide

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U.S. Botanic Garden Commemorative Silver Dollar 

January 10, 1997

Treasury Secretary Approves Designs For U.S. Botanic Garden Commemorative Silver Dollar

New Silver Dollar Included in Mint's Final Edition of 80,000 Prestige Sets Limited Edition of 25,000 Coin & Currency Sets Also Planned

Washington, D.C. -- The United States Mint today announced that Secretary of the Treasury Robert Rubin has approved the designs for the United States Botanic Garden Commemorative Silver Dollar Coin.

Designs for the coin have been mandated by the authorizing legislation, Public Law 103-328, which specifies that a rendering of the French facade of the U.S. Botanic Garden be depicted on the obverse side, and a rose and the anniversary dates of 1820-1995 appear on the reverse side of the coin. The obverse rendering of the French facade is by U.S. Mint Sculptor/Engraver Edgar Z. Steever, IV, and the reverse rose and anniversary dates by U.S. Mint Sculptor/Engraver William C. Cousins.

Signed by the President on September 29, 1994, the law provides for the minting of not more than 500,000 90 percent silver coins with a $10 surcharge included in the price of each coin. All surcharges will go to the National Fund for the United States Botanic Garden to fund the projects and mission of the garden in Washington, D.C.

Of special interest to collectors, the U.S. Botanic Garden Commemorative Silver Dollar will be included in the last Prestige Set that the U.S. Mint will offer, with a limited edition of 80,000 sets.

The Mint will also offer a limited edition of 25,000 Botanic Garden Coin & Currency Sets, featuring an uncirculated Botanic Garden silver dollar, an uncirculated 1997 Jefferson Nickel, a current George Washington one-dollar note with a Virginia Federal Reserve Bank seal, and a historical booklet, to explain the significance of the national garden and to commemorate the role the founding fathers played in establishing the garden in Washington, D.C. Contact: Press inquiries: Michael White (202) 354-7222 Customer Service information: (800) USA MINT (872-6468)

Coin Information Provided Courtesy The United States Mint.


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