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 Search more than 600 coin and numismatic books! Search more than  700 coin related books! 

Coin Directory - dealers, websites, articles, supplies, gold, and more

Coin Resource Sites

AllCoins, http://allcoins.org 
Discover a huge catalogue of coin, bank note, and stamp resources with this search site dedicated to the numismatic community

ANS: Numismatic Resources on the Internet

Coin - The Internet Encyclopedia and Price Guide of United States Coins
Complete information on all U.S. Coins, including pricing, rarity, and historical information

Coin Collecting - Coin Clubs; CoinClubs.com
Coin Clubs is dedicated to promoting the hobby of coin collecting and offers access to community coin clubs and numismatic organizations nationwide.

Coin Collecting and Rare Coin Guide by CGO

Coin and Stamp Collecting
Comprehensive resources on coin and stamp collecting, paper currency collecting and numismatics and philately in general, including rare and ancient coins and stamps.

CoinFacts.com - The Internet Encyclopedia of U.S. Coins
Coin information free to all collectors of United States coins, including thousands of full color coin images, pricing, rarity, and historical information

CoinSite - Coin collecting, rare and old coins, coin prices and the Coin DOC.

Error World 1 
Error coin collecting club in Yahoo Groups. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ErrorWorld

Error World 2 
Public error coin collecting club on MSN. http://groups.msn.com/ErrorWorld/_whatsnew.msnw

Grading Coins - CoinGrading.com; Welcome!

Harry W. Bass Jr. Gold Coin, Pattern and Currency Collection
Harry W. Bass Jr. Gold Coin, Patterns, and Currency Collection

National Numismatic Collection

NumisMedia - Numismatic Interactive Network - Rare Coins and Coin Dealer Community

Rare Coin Museum of U.S. Gold & Silver Coins
Learn all about U.S. Mint gold, silver, and platinum coins. Special section displays modern bullion gold coins,silver coins, and a history of the U.S. Mint. Ideal for new collectors or investors."

Scott A. Travers Site Map

The Stujoe Collection
Large site with photos, collections, and forums.

The Coin Library
An online resource for information about numismatics, the study of coins, tokens, medals, and paper money.

U.S. Coin Dealers - Coin Gallery Online

US Collection 
History of American coinage. The collection covers coinage from the time of the American Revolution up to the present date. The collection is subdivided into 12 different groupings, each representing a different period of time. The U.S. Collection was built to represent all major coin designs used as Copper, Silver and Gold coinage.

Dan's coins index page

American Coin on the Net applies the best technology available to solving problems facing coin collector's. To you, this means more services, more easily accessible. We hope to emulate the corner coin shop, a coin club, a numismatic library, a c...

Acronyms used in Coin Collecting

All About Collectibles and Collecting Resources
All about Collectibles, collecting resources, price guides and antiques websites.

Ancient Chinese Coinage Web Site
Ancient Chinese Coinage, coinage of South-East Asia countries, other orient numismatics items and resources

Buffalo Nickels

Byzantine Coins Home Page

Coin Collecting - The Hobby of Kings
A picture and information gallery of gold and silver US coins (including State Quarters), coin values, a message board, and coin collecting FAQs

Coin Collecting FAQ Part 2
Frequently asked questions about coin collecting, Part 2 - Collecting and Investing Topics

CoinLink Rare Coin Links Directory and Numismatic News

CoinMonger - Your source for coins, coin discussion, & information


The Canadian Coin Reference Site - The Ultimate Canadian Coin Website
Explore this comprehensive guide for the Canadian Currency Numismatists, with a guide to coin shows, dealers, storage tips, and links.

U.S. Coin Quantities Minted

United States Mint Reports for the Years 1792 to 1892


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