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Coin Directory - dealers, websites, articles, supplies, gold, and more

Coin & Numismatic Organizations

American Numismatic Association
The ANA, a non-profit, educational organization chartered by Congress -- is dedicated to the collection and study of coins, paper money, tokens and medals, and was created for the benefit of its members and the numismatic community.

Coin Collecting - Coin Clubs; CoinClubs.com
Coin Clubs is dedicated to promoting the hobby of coin collecting and offers access to community coin clubs and numismatic organizations nationwide.

CoinClub.com, numismatics & coins home page
Your source for coins and numismatics. Get current coin collecting information on coins, prices, auctions, coin clubs, shows, numismatics and more at CoinClub.com

Florida Coin Clubs - Find Florida Coin Clubs, Dealers and Shows
Find all your Local Florida Coin Clubs, Dealers and Shows at FLCoinClubs.com. Whether you are a collector or investor, we have everything you need for you coin collecting hobby.

Glendale Coin Club: The web site of the Glendale Coin Club, or GCC for short. We’re a coin collecting club composed of around 50 paid members, based in Glendale, California. The coin club was started in March of 1959 in that area, and has weathered many storms since then. Please take some time and browse around the club site. Please note that we have some of the articles from the coin club's award-winning newsletter, "The GlenCoin News" on-line, as well as photos taken at our coin club meetings. We hope you enjoy them, as well as some of the other features of our club site.

Numismatic Associations & Societies

Professional Numismatists Guild

The American Numismatic Society
The American Numismatic Society maintains the country's foremost collection of coins, paper money and medals and promotes all aspects of numismatic research and learning. Our collection covers all periods and all regions of the world. In addition, th...

U.S. Treasury

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Beverly Hills Coin Club

Stanislaus County Coin Club

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