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Major web link site: http://www.coinclub.com/clubs/

ANA web link site: http://www.money.org/clublist.html

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  • Coin Collecting Forum

  • Coin Talk Numismatic Discussion Forum

  • Coin World Forums

  • Collectors Universe Forums

  • About.com

  • FORVM`s Classical Numismatics Discussion Board

  • Google - rec.collecting.coins

  • NumisAddict Resources

  • www.collectors-society.com

  • Hobby of Kings

  • CoinClub Board

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Online Coin Club Sites

Online Coin Clubs
Coins - General American Numismatic Association (ANA)
Colonial Coins The Colonial Coin Collectors Club
Early American Copper Early American Coppers (EAC)
Bust Half Dollars Bust Half Nut Club (BHNC)
Pre-Seated Liberty Coins John Reich Collectors Society (JRCS)
Seated Liberty Coins Liberty Seated Collectors Club (LSCC)
Southern Gold Coins Southern Gold Society (SGS)
Flying Eagle & Indian Head Cents The Fly-In Club 


Morgan & Peace Dollars The Society of Silver Dollar Collectors (SSDC)
Liberty Head Nickels Liberty Nickel Collector Society
Barber Coins Barber Coin Collectors' Society (BCCS)
Bi-metal Coins Worldwide Bi-Metallic Collectors Club
Elongated Coins The Elongated Collectors (TEC)


Encased Coins Encased Collectors International (ECI)
Error Coins CONECA
Hobo Nickels The Original Hobo Nickel Society (OHNS)
Patterns Society of U.S. Pattern Collectors
Toned & Colorful Coins Toned Coins Collectors' Society (TCCS)


Tokens, State & Private Issue Coins
Tokens Token and Medal Society (TAMS)
Casino Tokens Casino Chip and Gaming Tokens Collector Club (CCGTCC)


Civil War Tokens & Coins The Civil War Token Society (CWTS)


Conder Tokens & Coins The Conder Token Collector's Club (CTCC)
Tax Tokens & Related Coins American Tax Token Society (ATTS)
Wooden Nickels Wooden Nickel Collector's Organization
Medals Medal Collectors of America (MCA)
Medals & Tokens Token and Medal Society (TAMS)

Regional Coin Clubs

Indiana State Numismatic Association
The Indiana State Numismatic Association (ISNA) is a statewide organization established in 1957 and now encompasses a statewide membership of over 500 members. ISNA's goal is to promote and advance the knowledge of numismatics along the educational, historical and scientific lines in all its various branches; to acquire and disseminate trustworthy information pertaining to such topics, and to promote greater interest for one another through the exchange of ideas and discussions.

Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association  
The Pacific Northwest Numismatic Association (PNNA) is a regional organization for numismatists — persons who study, collect, or deal with coins, paper money, tokens and medals. The PNNA is proud to present pnna.org, our home on the World Wide Web! This site is updated frequently to bring you the most accurate and up-to-date information available about numismatics in the Pacific Northwest. PNNA members are also available to help answer your questions about numismatics. Please don't hesitate to ask us a question or to contribute information for possible use on this site!

Indianapolis Coin Club 
The Indianapolis Coin Club is a non-profit, educational organization founded in 1939 for the purpose of educating people of all ages in the greater Indianapolis community about the coins they presently own or may wish to collect. We hold eleven monthly meetings each year, during which various programs of an educational nature are held for the benefit of our membership and the general public. All meetings are open to the public and there is no charge for attendance unless a person wishes to become a member of the club.

Central Florida Coin Club 
The C.F.C.C.  is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating its members and the public about coins, coin collecting, and related numismatic pursuits. We are an active group of collectors who meet twice a month in downtown Orlando to buy, sell, trade, and talk about coins. Membership is open to anyone who has an interest in coins, currency or other numismatic items.


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