Sold-Out Bald Eagle Silver Bullion Coin

Royal Canadian Mint Ends 2014 With Sold-Out Bald Eagle Silver Bullion Coin And Security-Enhanced Gold Maple Leaf

Ottawa, Ontario – December 16, 2014 – As it continues to experience robust demand for its silver bullion products, the Royal Canadian Mint is pleased to announce the sell-out of all one million of the Royal Canadian Mint’s Bald Eagle coins, from the new Canadian Birds of Prey 99.99% pure silver bullion coin series.  The Mint is also demonstrating its sustained leadership of the gold bullion coin market by introducing a dramatic security enhancement to its 2015 Gold Maple Leaf (GML) bullion coin.

“While our flagship Silver Maple Leaf bullion product continues to elicit strong customer interest, the rapid sell-out of one millionBald Eagle silver bullion coins is compelling evidence of the popular appeal of our Canadian Birds of Prey silver bullion program, of which the final two coins will be launched in 2015,” said Marc Brûlé, Interim President and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint. “The Mint also looks forward to strengthening its leadership of the gold bullion coin market in the coming year by introducing a dramatic radial line finish on its 2015 Gold Maple Leaf bullion coins, which is sure to make them stand out as both the purest and securest gold bullion coins in the world.”

Since recently adding a micro-engraved laser mark to the GML, the Mint has replaced the coin’s traditional bullion finish for 2015 with an eye-catching array of precisely machined lines radiating from the coin’s central maple leaf design at a width and pitch which creates a light-diffracting pattern.  This same complex finish has also been applied to the Silver Maple Leaf bullion coin since 2014. The combination of this unique feature with a laser micro-engraving of a textured maple leaf incorporating the numeral “15” to denote the coin’s year of issue, firmly places the GML at the pinnacle of gold bullion coin security, in addition to being the world’s first 99.99% pure gold bullion coin.

The 2015 Gold Maple Leaf bullion coin is now available throughout the Mint’s network of official bullion distributors.  The third coin in the Canadian Bird of Prey silver bullion series will be unveiled at the end of January 2015 at the World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany.

In keeping with a distribution model common to the world’s major issuers of bullion coins, the Mint does not sell bullion directly to the public.  Interested buyers are encouraged to contact a reputable bullion dealer to order Royal Canadian Mint bullion coins.

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