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Press Release - January 17, 2002

Heritage Sets Record After Record at FUN Auctions Exceed $13 Million

Sold at the Heritage FUN auction in January, 2002 for $310,500

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Dallas, TX -- "The first two weeks of January have been an incredible time for Heritage Numismatic Auctions, offering more than 11,000 lots at auction, and recording sales of more than $13.3 million," summarized Bob Korver, HNAI’s Director. "Between our catalogs for coins & currency sold in Orlando, and our Internet auctions, Heritage presented more than eleven thousand lots to the numismatic community, and sold more than $13.3 million dollars of choice numismatic material to lucky bidders. Our FUN Signature Sale catalog contained 4,249 lots, plus 150 lots in the accompanying Eagle Collection catalog, with the combined sale realizing $9,427,308. Heritage’s Currency Auctions of America FUN Signature auction contained 3,879 lots, and realized $3,262,252. Heritage’s Internet Bullet Auction, with lot viewing at the FUN show, contained 1,901 lots and realized $621,649. Add to those impressive totals another 1,061 lots sold in our Exclusively Internet™ and CurrencyAuction.com™ sales, which realized more than a quarter of a million dollars from web bidders. Among other records, the three "FUN" auctions had 3,231 unique individual bidders and 1,589 distinct winners."

"The highlight coin of the FUN auctions," continued Greg Rohan, Heritage Executive VP, "was the Specimen Striking of the 1856-O $20, Lot 4147 in the Eagle Collection catalog. This branch mint proof Double Eagle was an astonishing coin to view, and it came with an impeccable pedigree extending back to the Superintendent of the New Orleans Mint at the time of its striking. This amazing piece of numismatic history realized $310,500. The wonderful Eagle Collection of Liberty $20s exceeded $1.6 million."

"Bidding activity was especially strong on the anchor consignments," noted Leo Frese, Heritage’s Consignment Director. "This isn’t entirely surprising, since quite often these major collections are the result of decades of effort, and the coins are typically fresh to the auction block. Bidding activity was especially intense for the Hering Dollars, the Kritzman Dimes, the Leichtung Commemoratives, and the Schick Large Cents. These collections shared the traits of high grade, breadth, and loving attention to eye-appeal."

Additional highlights from the FUN Signature catalog:
Lot 4011 1854-O $20 AU58 NGC $92,000
Lot 4033 1861-S $20 Paquet AU58 NGC $46,000
Lot 4052 1870-CC $20 XF45 NGC $97,750
Lot 4147 1856-O $20 Specimen 63 NGC $310,500
Lot 4148 1883 $20 PR64 Cameo NGC $70,150
Lot 4149 1884 $20 PR64 Cameo NGC $54,625
Lot 4150 1887 $20 PR66 NGC $69,000
Lot 5703 1922 No D Cent MS64 R&B PCGS $38,525
Lot 6366 UK 1826 Proof Set $19,550
Lot 6367 UK 1831 Proof Set $17,250
Lot 6617 1916-D 10¢ MS65 FB PCGS $29,900
Lot 6627 1920-S 10¢ MS67 FB PCGS $46,000
Lot 6663 1942/1 10¢ MS65 FB PCGS $25,300
Lot 7156 1794 $1 XF40 NGC $86,250
Lot 7182 1797 $1 9x7* SL AU55 NGC $34,500
Lot 7203 1798 $1 MS63 NGC $27,600
Lot 7232 1800 $1 MS63 PCGS $44,850
Lot 7235 1800 $1 Dotted MS65 NGC $55,200
Lot 7354 1898 Proof Set, PR63-65 ANACS, $31,050
Lot 7377 1915-S Pan-Pac $50 Round MS64 PCGS $37,950
Lot 7776 1901 $1 MS64 PCGS $39,675
Lot 8178 1882 $5 PR65 PCGS $27,600
Lot 8204 1911-D $5 MS64 PCGS $33,350
Lot 8217 1914 $5 PR65 PCGS $24,150
Lot 8250 1799 $10 MS62 NGC $24,150
Lot 8320 1871 $10 PR64 DC PCGS $32,775
Lot 8323 1907 $10 WR MS66 NGC $37,950
Lot 8324 1907 $10 RE MS66 PCGS $80,500
Lot 8357 1920-S $10 MS64 PCGS $41,400
Lot 8587 1913 $20 PR65 PCGS $31,050
Lot 8752 1928 Hawaiian Proof PR64 PCGS $33,350

Gold Bars from the S.S. Central America also enjoyed spirited bidding interest; as many as four telephone bidders competed against active floor and Internet bids:
Lot 7903 Blake & Co. $54,625
Lot 7904 Harris Marchand & Co. $46,000
Lot 7905 Harris Marchand & Co. $86,250
Lot 7906 Henry Hentsch $80,500
Lot 7907 Justh & Hunter $51,750
Lot 7908 Justh & Hunter $63,250
Lot 7909 Kellogg & Humbert $57,500
Lot 7910 Kellogg & Humbert $40,250
Lot 7911 Kellogg & Humbert $48,875
Lot 7912 Kellogg & Humbert $51,750

Some of the most spectacular prices for certified coins could be found in the Silver commemoratives, with premiums paid for originality. A wonderfully toned PCGS MS65 Lafayette Dollar Ex: Leichtung realized $12,075, while a brilliant coin in the same holder realized $8,625. A lovely toned 1936 Cleveland NGC MS66 realized $12,363. A vibrantly toned PCGS MS65 Hawaiian Ex: Leichtung realized $20,700, while a mostly brilliant coin in the same holder realized $4,888. A stunning 1936 Long Island MS67 PCGS realized $14,375, while a colorful 1923-S Monroe in MS66 PCGS, also Ex: Leichtung, realized $8,855. A rainbow-toned 1915-S Panama-Pacific half in MS67 PCGS realized $12,650.

The Heritage name is recognized worldwide for bringing unparalleled value to every consignor and bidder. Year 2001 sales exceeded $150 million and assets were approximately $30 million as audited by Arthur Andersen & Company. HeritageCoin.com is the Internet's most popular and highly trafficked rare coin site, with over 45,000 registered members. HeritageCoin.com is the only coin site chosen twice by Forbes Best of the Web (1999 and 2001) as one of the 250 best websites on the Internet, and also won the most recent Numismatic Literary Guild award for Best Numismatic Internet Site.

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