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The Ten Coolest US Coins

A special look at ten very special coins, and their market strength.


Special Report: Investing in Rare Coins
The logical question to be asked those of us in the numismatic industry serving investors is,  “Which coins should be included in a rare coin portfolio?”  Any coin dealer or experienced collector when asked this question will invariably respond, “Buy the highest quality, rarest coins you can afford.”  Numismatic history is rich with stories of great collectors who amassed spectacular collections of the choicest coins that netted equally spectacular profits upon sale.  If you possess even modest knowledge of numismatics you know that a high-grade rare coin is much more likely to go up in value than a common date coin in the same condition.  The laws of supply and demand have not bypassed the rare coin industry: the rarer the coin and the higher its condition the greater the likelihood for appreciation. 

Download your free copy here:


Special Report: Investing in Modern Rarities
Which coins are the most rare of the modern age?
What coin is likely to triple (or more) in the next several years?

Which coins will likely become key dates of the future?
Get your free copy.  

Buffalo Nickel articles (series): 

Are Gold and Silver in a Bubble?
Mercury Dimes Value as an Investment
Avoiding Fraud and Making Informed Decisions in Coin Investments: Walking Liberty Half Dollars
Identifying US Coins with Bullish Futures 
Value Trends: The Top Five Morgan Silver Dollars. The Morgan silver dollars poised to increase the most in value 
Why You Need To Buy and Sell Gold Coins 
Is the future of coin collecting changing? A special look at the US Mint's policies and the impact they are having on the next generation of collectors.
State Quarter Coin Missing Clad Layer 
Read a good mystery coin lately? The best coin I have read in a long time was an 1854 O Liberty Seated half dollar by Christian Gobrecht.
1878 Proof Half Dollar The coin was the first known specimen with a Type 1 reverse.
Altered Coins Are a Risk to Avoid.
1894 S Barber Dime With a Mintage of 24
1955 P Franklin Half Dollar Bugs Bunny 
A variety is just something on the die that makes the coin different than other coins struck with other dies. 
Two Headed or Two Tailed Coin and a real 1848 D/D Five Dollar Gold Piece 
Capped Bust Half Dollars: Genuine or Counterfeit Coin Article 
Wisconsin State Quarter Varieties Found,Called "Extra Leaf" 
GSA Carson City Silver Dollars: A History as Tumultuous as That of the Morgan Silver Dollar Itself 
Coin Reference: Learn how to use those confusing numbers often seen in identifying errors and die varieties.
Rare Coins & Politics 
How do I determine the worth of my coin? 
Coin Diagram with definitions and terms  Test your knowledge!
A History of the Small Cent 
Collecting Circulated Indian cents
Collecting Proof Small Cents 
Assembling a complete type set of dimes brings both quick rewards and lifelong challenges. 
Deconstructing Ten Popular Coin Maxims
Investing in Rare Coins - a word of advice and caution 
A Coin Market "Like No Other" Creates Highly Profitable Opportunities 
The Facts About Numismatic Conservation Services
Coin photography is becoming more and more an integral part of the hobby
A concise description of how doubled dies occur
Cherrypickin’ coins, the art of buying the best item possible for the least amount of money
Selecting the Right Coin Dealer
Ten Ways To Improve Your Coin Collection
The Ten Rules Of Successful Coin Collectors 
For Beginning Coin Collectors- Five Beginner's Mistakes and How To Correct Them
The Five Components of Coin Grading
The Significance and Sanity of Silver as Money, By David Morgan
US Coin History and Mint Overview
Learn about the circulation of money in the economy
Gold Investing 101
By Adam Hamilton
As gold's recent spectacular performance becomes more widely known, many investors new to gold are wondering how they can participate in the exciting gold action.
The Manufacturing Process for United States Coins
Coin Week Honored by President Bush
The Binion Collection: Silver Dollar Hoard
Best Ways to Buy Coins 
History of the U.S. Motto, In God We Trust
Euro Coins released January 2002
Build Type Set of U.S. Coins: by John H. MacMillan Ph.D.
United States Government To Sell The Famed 
1933 Double Eagle
Martha Washington Quarter Pattern Discovered
Proper handling and storage of collectible coins
Understanding How Coins are Valuated  
Types of Coinage
USPS Suggests Ways To Protect Items From Effects Of Irradiation
Sacagewea Error Struck on Unusual Planchet
1913 Eliasberg Liberty Head Nickel NGC Graded PR66
Heritage Press Release on FUN 2002 Auction and 1856O Gold Specimen

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